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Which of these two virtualization software applications would fit the bill for you? Parallels Desktop is a first-rate hardware virtualization tool.


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Affiliate disclosure: In full transparency — some of the links on our website are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase we will earn a commission at no additional cost for you none whatsoever! This is a software from which you can run Windows on your Mac.

This post contains a full overview of this software so sit back and relax and read the post. It is a software made by a company named Parallels.

The working is same as the name. This software helps you in running Windows on Mac without having any difficulty. You can install the Windows with many different ways and after the installation, all the working depends on this software. With the help of this software you can also switch to Mac and Windows without rebooting your computer. This software also helps you in playing Windows supporting games on your Mac.

There are many popular games and game engines support Parallels Desktop. After that you just install Windows in the virtual machine like any other operating system you install on your PC. To create a virtual machine on your Mac you need to download Parallels Desktop first then open Parallels Desktop and choose new file to create a new virtual machine for Mac. With this software, you can run Windows applications along with your Mac OS applications.

You can also copy and paste any text or drag one object from one OS and drop it on the other one which is really cool. Playing Windows games is very easy with the help of this software on your Mac. You can also run 3D applications on your computer. This software works with many other operating systems available on the web like DirectX, Windows 10, Windows 8.

At some point, everyone feels the need for using the operating system in other OS because the combination of features of both the OS they can use. Every OS differs from one another on the basis of features and services they support on your computer. Having two OS in one computer may solve all of your problems. Those devices will be shown on both the operating systems. You can access files of that device on both OS. You can also connect Bluetooth devices like Xbox One controller, stylus pen and printer.

They will also work on both Windows and Mac OS. All of this is possible only because of Parallels Desktop. You can run both Windows and Mac OS on one screen by using the split-screen feature.

To support your eyes you can resize those displays. Increase or decrease the screen resolution with ease. Those displays will be independent from one another. The work you do on one display, will not affect the other display. With just one click you can run any application because Parallels Desktop will optimize your virtual machine settings according to that particular application.

You can select productivity, games, designs, software testing or development applications to run on your operating system and Parallels Desktop will make that possible for you. You can launch and access any Windows applications from the Mac Dock which is a really cool feature. Just install Windows with Parallels Desktop and start using all the features of Windows on your Mac with an instant.

Running applications on both OS will be much easier and you can run them both at a time. All the features and documents of Microsoft office will support on that virtual Windows OS just like in a usual Windows. You will not face any type of difficulty in using that for work, academics or anything you like. Just convert a virtual machine from Boot Camp to Parallels Desktop. To do that you need to read the installation assistant at startup of this software. You can also import all your data from Boot Camp to Parallels Desktop easily.

They provide a unique volume license key to you once you install Parallels Desktop on your computer. They have a centralized license management and advanced security features in their business edition. Whenever you travel without a charger and still you have to use the device for work purposes then this software also helps you by conserving power and extend the life of the battery. This feature is really awesome and useful whenever you are not close to a power source. In their toolbox there are many additional features available which you can use with just one click.

There are like 30 tools available in it like clean your drive, take screenshots, download a video and much more. Accessing these tools will be easy with it. It is the bonus feature of Parallels Desktop because this software is not just about running an OS in other OS, it has much more to offer.

You can access your Mac from any iOS device, android device or browser by using the feature called Parallels Access. There are a ton of features of Parallels Desktop like you can share Mac applications with Windows, share bluetooth device between Mac and Windows and much more. You can automatically change the resolution of the displays. Share a single cloud storage space between Mac and Windows with the help of this software.

They also provide a safeguard to your virtual machine with encryption so no intruder can access that. The list of features is very long and to get a taste of that you need to try Parallels Desktop once. There are a majority of people are using BootCamp to run Windows on their Mac device but they various problems in doing so.

For that, you need to consider using this software because the majority of the features it offers. Most of your problems related to that will be solved with an instant if you start using Parallels Desktop. Once you set up this software on your computer then just install Windows with it and create a virtual machine for it.

The process is really easy and much more effective than using any other software to run Windows on your Mac. You can contact the support team through phone, chat or email. They care for their customers and give solutions to their problems. The permanent licenses come with 30 days phone and chat support and email support is valid for 2 years from the product release date. The reviews of Parallels Desktop regarding their support services is really good and you can find the testimonials of other users on the official website.

There are mainly three plans available for Parallels Desktop. They also offer a free day trial with access to all features. They also offer a good discount for students and to avail that you need to verify as a valid student on the official website.

Parallels Desktop is a software for Mac devices to run other operating systems in it. As a gamer, I also use this software to play Windows games on my Mac device.

It supports various different graphic designs like DirectX9, DirectX10 and in the upcoming version, it will support DirectX11 all via apple metal. In the new version, you can find email files from the finder. The share menu has the finder feature in it. There are many things you can do with this software all you need to do is try it out for 14 days with its free trial you will be able to experience its features. It will definitely encourage you to buy the subscription of Parallels Desktop.

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