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Since the internet is the fastest way to connect with people, having the fastest possible connectivity is more important than ever.

A fast internet ensures that you enjoy lag-free streaming and instant downloads. There can be multiple reasons why you’re experiencing low connectivity on Windows But among all, some of the common culprits are listed below. It’s pretty easy to boost the internet speed on Windows Let’s check out how to do it. Before performing any of the below changes, ensure that you are using an updated system. Each Windows update comes with performance improvements and can affect the internet connectivity.

A poor router position is another culprit for a slow internet connection. The range of the Wi-Fi signal depends on the specs and design of the router.

But the further the signal has to travel, the weaker it will get. Additionally, the signal strength can get affected by physical objects like walls and floors. So, make sure the system is near the router and no major physical obstruction exists between the source and the receiver. A slow internet speed often results from unnecessary background running applications. As it turns out, these applications constantly keep consuming bandwidth, leaving the main application with limited resources.

You will have to close all such applications to fix the problem. Windows 11 comes with a metered connection functionality. It helps to save the internet data. But on the negative side, it can be a primary reason behind a slow internet connection.

You will have to disable metered connection on Windows 11 to increase the speed. By default, the DNS Server is set to automatic, which can be the reason behind the slow internet connectivity.

You will have to connect to an open-source DNS server to enjoy fast internet speed. Reboot the system, and check the internet speed using an internet speed checking website. But you can change the bandwidth to increase internet speed. Windows constantly look for and download the new OS update. But while Windows Update is being downloaded in the background, it can directly affect the internet speed for general tasks.

You’ll have to disable Windows Update services in this situation. A corrupt DNS cache can also result in weak internet connectivity. You’ll have to clear the DNS cache to fix the issue. Sometimes Windows Defender Firewall is also why you are experiencing slow internet connectivity. You will have to temporarily disable the Firewall to fix the issue. A high internet speed lets you download stuff within seconds and enjoy uninterrupted video calls. But if you are getting a lower internet speed, you can make the above-mentioned changes.

As such, here are different changes you can make to increase your internet speed in Windows What Causes a Slow Internet Connection?

One of the significant reasons behind slow connectivity is the bad router position. A slow internet connection can result from misconfigured bandwidth. Unnecessary tabs and applications open in the background can also cause the problem. VPNs are often the primary culprit behind a slow internet connection.



How To Change Bandwidth Limit On PC | Increase Upload And Download Speed.


Please share in the comments if you know any other tricks. These are a few ways to increase internet speed on Windows Moreover, there are a few more things you can do such as:.

Switch off and on your Wifi Router: Sometimes, just switching off the router, and after seconds, restarting again helps you increase the speed to a bit. There in the left pane, click Change adapter settings.

There you will see the Network Connections. See the one that is connected. Right-click on that and click Disable. Then again, right-click on that and then click Enable. We always talk about how to improve download speed Windows 10 but we hardly talk about boosting the upload speed.

Upload speed is equally important for those who usually upload a lot. Here are few quick tricks that help boost upload speed on Windows And, you are still facing a slow connection, then you can try these tips and tricks mentioned above to boost internet speed on Windows Share your thoughts and views in the comments. If you have any questions, do ask in the comments as well, I will try my best to respond with some solution.

Atish Ranjan is an established and independent voice dedicated to providing you unique, well researched and original information from the field of technology, SEO, social media, and blogging.

All the data shown above will be stored by Techtricksworld. At any point of time, you can contact us and select the data you wish to anonymise or delete so it cannot be linked to your email address any longer.

When your data is anonymised or deleted, you will receive an email confirmation. This is done in order to personalise and enhance your experience with us. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Hi Atish, You have provided great tips to speed up internet speed on Windows I have also heard from few of my friends that their internet speed has decreased after installing Windows The step by step guide from your side to increase interet speed on Windows 10 is awesome and I am sure it will help the users.

Hey, Great post! I am already benefitting from your tips. However, can you suggest some more apps that slow down the internet, and I can uninstall them if I do not need them?

I would like to know the best-speed range of internet suitable for windows My internet speed on ookla showing: download speed of 19 Mbps. Internet is slow sometimes. Hi, Atish! Thanks for the tips for speeding up the internet under Windows They are very helpful. One thing I always do is power cycle my computer, router, and modem at least once a week, in case a driver gets in a funky state.

Slow internet speed is one the issue windows 10 users often face. All the tips you have mentioned are absolutely true to boost internet speed.

I would like to add one more point to your list i. Virus can slow down the Computers performance and ofcourse hinder the internet speed. Home About us Contact Us. Flush DNS: About this, we have already discussed just above. Reset Winsock: Windows OS uses multiple sockets to exchange information.

If there is any problem or corruption in any socket, it can be the cause of slow connection as well. So, to fix this, Resetting Winsock is the way to go as it resets the sockets to default settings. To do this, just go to Command Prompt, and type netsh winsock reset, and after this command is excuted, restart your computer. How to Boost Upload Speed on Windows 10?

Here are few quick tricks that help boost upload speed on Windows Try using a wired connection: Wired connection offers much faster upload speed than wireless. So, if you can, try using the wired connection. Clear your temporary files: Clearing temporary files on your PC is required to smooth the function of your computer and internet as well.

Update device drivers: Make sure to keep your PC drivers up to date. Remove malware: Keep scanning your computer for malware time to time as it hinders the internet connection speed both upload and download. So, try checking for this, and if you find any, remove them.

Turn off the internet of other devices: When you have to upload some files, try turning off the internet of other devices that are connected to the same connection. Or, just remove them. It will surely help. How to Increase Internet Speed on Windows 10? Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest. Tags free internet speed booster for windows 10 how to increase internet bandwidth speed in windows 10 qos packet scheduler windows 10 windows 10 qos packet scheduler. You may also like. How To Delete Game Pigeon?

How to See Mutual Friends on Snapchat? About the author. View All Posts. Atish Ranjan Atish Ranjan is an established and independent voice dedicated to providing you unique, well researched and original information from the field of technology, SEO, social media, and blogging. Click here to post a comment. Thanks for sharing. By configuring the network adapter, you can control downloading and uploading updates on PCs connected to the network or over the internet which in turn helps to increase internet speed on Windows 10 machines.

Step 1: Open Windows Settings. Step 3: Select Ethernet and Click on the Network connection. Keep in mind that this feature is dependent on the network adapter.

If your network adapter does not support this feature then you will not see it on the list. Step 1: Open Device Manager. Step 2: Expand Network adaptors and double click on your network adaptor. Microsoft OneNote application lets you create and store notes in an electronic notebook. You can also store audio clips from the internet and web pages. OneNote Application keeps synchronizing whenever your computer is connected to internet connection.

That slows down your internet speed. Uninstall Microsoft OneNote application using control panel to speed up your internet connection. Outdated, corrupted, or incompatible driver software can cause limited connectivity or bandwidth issues. Make sure to download and update the latest driver software from trusted sources. If you are using Wi-Fi on your computer, then use the latest updated Wi-Fi adaptor software. It will not increase internet speed blazingly but it will resolve if there is any connectivity issue and you will be able to use full bandwidth.

Step 1: Go to Device Manager. Step 2: Expand Network Adapter and select your network adapter. Step 3: Right-click on the selected adapter and click on Update Driver Software. For accessing anything on the internet you need an Internet browser.

If your internet browser is slow then it definitely impacts your internet activity. So always optimize and update your internet browser for better internet experience. When you open the browser, the extensions start synching with respective extension sites for updates.

Internet users have a habit of adding bookmarks of websites that we frequently visit. It provides ease of use but we forget to remove these bookmarks when they are no longer needed. Those additional bookmarks consume space and make the browser slow. If you accept website cookies then the website creates some files in your browser cache. This helps the web page open faster during your next visit. Windows services, system applications, and almost all other software applications create some temporary files while executing some operations.

These files get stored in Temp Folder on your local drive. When you reboot the system, Windows automatically deletes these temporary files. The best practice is to delete these temporary files frequently for better system experience. It will list all the temporary files. In the Windows search box type disk cleanup and select Disk Cleanup from the list. When you use an internet connection on your computer, the computer becomes open for malware attacks.

If you are not using any antivirus software then these malware attacks can do serious damage to your system files and can also steal private documents. If some malware is present in your computer or laptop then it slows down system performance. And scan your system with antivirus from time to time to detect and remove malware and viruses. If you are using Wi-Fi for internet connection then secure your connection with a high-security password. If multiple devices are connected to a single internet connection, it will slow down your internet speed.

If you are using a Wi-Fi router for internet connection then try to reconnect the router. Remove the power supply from the router and also remove data cable. Wait for 10 — 15 seconds and plug-in the internet cable again. These are all the possible ways to increase internet speed on Windows 10 computer.

Do let us know in the comments which way worked for you in boosting the internet speed. Your email address will not be published. Type the below command in the cmd screen to enable DCA and hit Enter.

Step 4: Enable netdma Enabling netdma will allow network adapters to transfer data directly to your applications.

Type the below command to enable netdma and press Enter. Step 5: Set windows auto tuning level By default, Windows enables the auto tuning feature that improves TCP data transfer over the network. If it is disabled then enter the following command to enable the Auto Tuning feature. You will receive an OK message after the command is executed. Step 7: Disable Window Scaling Heuristics copy and run the below command in the cmd window.

To apply these changes, restart your computer. Read also: Turn off Windows S mode Method 2: Pinging default gateway Default gateway is an access point for other networks. Step 2: Identify Default Gateway Input ipconfig in command prompt and press enter.

Step 2: Execute winsock Type the below command in the command prompt and press Enter. Here are a few simple steps to clear DNS cache on your computer. Exit the command prompt and check your internet speed. Here are the steps to change the DNS server. Reservable Bandwidth: By default Windows 10 reserves some percentage of bandwidth for system applications and operations.

This will boost internet speed. Outstanding Packets: Over the internet, data is transmitted in the form of packets. Disable background applications Background applications also consume a significant amount of bandwidth that slows down your internet speed. Step 1: Open Windows Settings and click on Privacy as shown below Step 2: Select Background Apps from left side and Turn off Background apps in right side Use can also enable required apps that you want to keep running in the background 5.

Disable Windows Updates Windows 10 consumes a large amount of bandwidth for regularly updating Windows applications. Click OK to save your preference and close the pop up. Disable or Limit Downloading and Uploading from other Computers Windows has a Delivery Optimization Feature that downloads updates from other computers available on the local network or from the internet.

Here is a step by step procedure to get better internet speed in both ways. Disable Downloading from other computers Step 1: Go to the Windows search bar.

Limit Downloading and Uploading from other computers If you want to enable the above option and limit the download and upload setting, here are the steps to do so. Use the slider to adjust bandwidth. Use the slider to reduce bandwidth You can also set a Monthly Upload limit as well. Enable Metered Connection If you are using a limited internet connection plan, then it becomes necessary to control data usage by background applications. Follow below steps to configure your network adapter for metered connection.

Uninstall OneNote Application Microsoft OneNote application lets you create and store notes in an electronic notebook. Update LAN or Ethernet Drivers Outdated, corrupted, or incompatible driver software can cause limited connectivity or bandwidth issues.

Restart your computer after updating the driver software. Optimize Internet Browser For accessing anything on the internet you need an Internet browser. Follow the below activities to optimize your internet browser. Remove Browser Extensions When you open the browser, the extensions start synching with respective extension sites for updates.


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