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IP Office Installation Manual IP ,, Office Platforms Expansion Module These avaya manuals download keep the phone calls steady with enough features that many small offices are very satisfied. In January Avaya filed for bankruptcy protection and attempts are being made to reorganize. Currently their popular handsets are available for prices free affinity ipad designer are a fraction of what they avaya manuals download new.

If you’re considering expanding a current system or an old desk phone needs replacement it is a good time to obtain a больше информации of these telephone desk sets. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon. As an online resource we offer a variety of legacy and newer PBX telephone system manuals for download, avaya manuals download the IP Office series guides and software.

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Avaya is a worldwide communications company known for its enterprise communications systems. The company provides Unified Communications, Contact Centers, Data solutions and related services нажмите для продолжения and through its Channel partners. In Lucent decided to spin off a portion of avaya manuals download business that became Avaya, which later bought a large part of failed Nortel.

Today Avaya distributes their licensed business phone systems through dealers. In January Avaya filed for bankruptcy, after which they have re-emerged with a new business model. And although we do not know what the future holds for Avaya there are plenty of existing PBXs that will stay in operation for many years. About pbxmechanic.

About Avaya Avaya is a worldwide communications company known for its enterprise communications systems.


Avaya User Manuals Download | ManualsLib.Icons/eye/watching


Also See for J User manual – pages Quick reference manual – 5 pages Quick reference – 6 pages. Table Of Contents. Quick Links Download this manual. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. Avaya J Quick Reference 6 pages. Avaya J Quick Reference Manual 5 pages. Compliance with Laws If you use any other equipment, it may cause failures, malfunctioning, or fire.

Page 7 DND icons Page Page 9 ACD call information This document is intended for people who want to learn how to use Avaya J IP Phone features and capabilities. The phone supports up to four call appearances with two lines of call display. Mute Used to mute and unmute the outgoing audio.

The image schematically describes which device to connect to which jack. Page 17 PC port is disabled when a Wi-Fi network is used. Headset Jack To connect the headset. Handset Jack To connect the handset. This feature is supported only in the phone software version 4.

Procedure 1. Set up the phone hardware. If you exceeded the limit, the phone temporarily blocks you from attempting to unlock the phone for a period that your administrator specifies. Page Chapter 4: Navigation The directional keys are context-sensitive. Up Arrow and Down Arrow Use these keys to scroll vertically in lists, menus, and pop- up windows. Page Line Keys For example, when you press a line key in Contacts, the interface initiates a call to the contact because the first soft key represents the Call key.

Missed call on your phone. You can see this icon in the Recents application. Incoming call; indicates you have answered this call. Secure Wi-Fi network is detected. Wi-Fi network is out of range or offline.

Dial the number. Redialing a number About this task You can redial the most recently dialed number. Optional Press the digits on the dial pad that correspond to the letters of the name of the person you want to call.

For example, press to search for someone whose name is Smith. Press Call. Page Chapter 7: Call-Related Features 2. To resume the held call, press Resume soft key or Hold button, or press the line key of the held call.

Press Save. Before you begin Ensure that at least one contact is available in the Contacts list. Page Searching For A Contact Use this procedure to merge the phone number of the current contact with the existing local contact. Before you begin Ensure the Contacts list is not empty. Press Contacts. Scroll to Contacts, and press Select. Press More. Press Groups. Press NewGroup. Scroll to the group, and press Members. The phone displays the list of contacts in the group.

You can combine any found LDAP contact with an existing local contact with the help of the Combine soft key. Page 44 8.

If you downgrade the software of your phone to a version earlier than 4. The phone deletes the number from the call history list. Page Clearing The Recents List 4. Page Chapter Conference Calls You can use the conference button to add participants to an active call and set up a conference call.

The conference button on the phone provides you quick access to use the conference feature. Before you begin Start a call. The held call is connected to the conference call. If you cannot, it might be due to the server on which your extension is configured.

Contact your system administrator. Page 51 4. When the person answers, press Join or OK or Conference button. Press Add or Conferenceand repeat the steps to add another person to the conference. The call is parked to the selected user, and you are available for a new call. Page Activating Do Not Disturb 3. Scroll to DND feature, and press Config. For the Ring reminder setting, press Toggle to activate the ring reminder.

Press Main menu. Press Applications. Scroll down to Activate screen saver, and press Select. Press the Main menu. Scroll to Settings, and press Select. Scroll to Features, and press Select. Alerting is set to the location. Page Broadworks Mobility Use this procedure to configure the mobile device you want to use in conjunction with your office phone.

Before you begin Ensure your administrator has enabled the BroadWorks Mobility feature for your extension. Ensure to set Device to ring to either Fixed or Both.

Mobile identities alerted Specifies the list of mobile identities that are alerted. State Phone icons BroadWorks Anywhere Page Calendar Ensure that your administrator has activated Exchange credentials on your phone.

Scroll to Applications, and press Select. Scroll down to Calendar, and press Select. Page Call Forwarding In this case, your phone will redirect that incoming call to the assigned call forwarding number. You can dial the parked extension number from any phone to retrieve the call. Page 75 Select a unique, custom ringtone for the audio notification of the parked call. Before you begin Ensure that you are assigned a shared extension.

Press Main Menu. Page Parking A Call After you park the call, the extension on your phone is available to take up another call. This feature is available in BroadSoft environment. Page Unparking A Call You can park an active call in an administrator-configured slot.

You can page this parked call to any user or administrator-configured page target group. Procedure Dial the park slot number that was assigned for the parked call. Page Call Retrieve 3.

Scroll to Call retrieve, and press Select. Call Transfer With the Call Transfer feature, you can transfer your call to another destination number. Page Making A Consultative Transfer Use this procedure to transfer an active call without connecting a call with the transfer recipient. While on an active call, press Transfer or Transfer button. The phone displays the Enter Transfer Destination screen.



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Table Of Contents. Quick Links. Table of Contents. Telephone Features User. Previous Page. Next Page. Handsfree telephone with avaya communication manager avaya sip enablement services 23 pages. Page 2 Unauthorized reproduction, transmission, dissemination, storage, and or use without the express written consent of Avaya can be a criminal, as well as a civil offense under the applicable law.

Page 3 Your system administrator can inform you if any of these features are not available on your telephone. To access the features of your telephone, you will need to use the Feature button. Some models of phone include a Feature button, while other models use a different label. On digital phones, the Feature button is labelled as the Services key or by a small globe icon. The display shows a three-digit retrieval code.

To retrieve a parked call: press an intercom button and dial the retrieval code. Dialing filters determine which numbers you can dial. Page 7 3. Retrieve the second call from hold. When you are on a call, block an incoming priority call. Page 9 RLS to hang up. Default is Yes feature is on. Some external lines do not support this feature. See your System Administrator. Page 12 1. If prompted, say your name. If prompted, enter the passcode. To view and reply to your messages: 1.

Press 0 to call the person who left you the message. Page 14 Make a page announcement through an external loudspeaker system. Internal and external page FEATURE 63 and zone 0 to 6 Make a page announcement through both your telephone speakers and an external loudspeaker system. Zone 0 pages all zones. Page 15 Change the privacy setting for an external line. If a line normally has privacy, this enables another telephone that shares the line to join your call by selecting the line in use.

If a line normally has privacy disabled, this prevents another telephone that shares the line from joining your call by selecting the line in use.

Page 16 2. Enter the ring type number 1 to 4. Press HOLD. You also can adjust the volume any time your telephone rings.

Page 17 If you do not specify the external line, the system automatically chooses a line for the call. Dial the telephone number you want to program up to 24 digits. Record the code and number you have just programmed. You cannot transfer a call on an external line to an external telephone, depending on the capabilities of the lines. Display the desired number on your telephone. Edit the number, if required.

You can add numbers for long-distance dialing or line pool access, or you can remove numbers using the volume bar. Page 20 Record caller information for the last external call at the central office that MCID assigned the line. Check with your system administrator. Page Ip Telephone Features Activate a display menu of feature options. You also can use the up and down navigation keys on the telephone. When the feature you want is highlighted, press Select. Page 22 4. Press OK to store the feature code.

Press Quit to exit the programming sequence. Erasing memory 2. Press a memory button. Press OK to erase the button. Page 23 Note: When Hot Desking between different versions of IP phone sets, the functions available are those of the less capable set. Page 24 Desking on your telephone and enter a new password. Time zone – Use this feature to reset the time on an IP telephone that is located in a adjust different time zone from the system on which it is registered.

Print page 1 Print document 25 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don’t have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.

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